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Namaste Sadananda ji
The person who raised those questions quite clearly has the view that all
later commentators diverged from bhAShyakAra and introduced these confusing
exegetical devices like bhAgatyAgalaxaNA vRtti . He is in favour of just
anvaya-vyatireka alone to understand mahAvAkya. This sort of logic of
rejecting all later commentators and rejecting laxaNA and insisting on
anvaya-vyatireka not just to do tvampadavicAra but also to arrive at
brahmAtmaikyaM sounds quite familiar.

The mainstream tradition as I understand it uses anvaya-vyatireka to do
effective tvampadavicAra and that is what US is also mentioning in verses
182-184 referring to the upAdhis of AtmA. But to understand brahma as
aparoxa and to understand AtmA as sarvavyApaka, we need to employ
bhAgatyAgalaxaNA vRtti upon the mahAvAkya.

One thing is for sure, the Facebook objector has got Upadesha sAhasrI wrong
in quoting 18.184 which merely says shrutahAna and ashrutakalpanA should be
avoided by those familiar with shAstra. The verse US18.184 does not reject
use of laxaNA vRtti. Clearly it's just a pointer to dvaitins who interpret
mahAvAkya as atattvamasi. US18.184 has no conflict with  arriving at
advitIya brahmAtmA through laxaNA vRtti.


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> PraNAms:
> During the discussions on facebook a seeker asked in response to the
> discussion on tat tvam asi or brahmaarpanam  where we use bhaga tyaaga
> lakshana or jaha-ajahallakshana to discard the contradictory attributes and
> only equate the essence.
> Is there a reference to bhaga tyaaga lakshana in Shankara bhashyaas? I
> appreciate if someone can point to the reference(s).
> Hari Om!Sada
> ------------------- can you provide citation where Sankara speaks of
> jahAjahaH lasksana or bahaagatyaaga lakshana. I believe you will only find
> reference in later sub-commentators who advocate Tat twam asi as a positive
> pointer. Sankara only refers to it in terms of neti neti in Chandogya and
> anvaya vyatireka in Upadesa Sahasri. In fact, Sankara advises against
> lakshana in US18.184
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