[Advaita-l] Developing dispassion - simple but profound means

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Wed May 30 06:23:20 EDT 2018

Hare Krishna

This is in the lighter vein for those who do not want to develop the dispassion (vairagya) at this point of their life :-) 

Yes, Buddha got the knowledge of life uncertainty / vairAgya  by seeing the aged, diseased  and death person and we the normal human beings too get that kshaNika vairAgya / smashANa vairAgya or abhAva vairAgya very often in our real life situation but  unfortunately it is going to  last for a very  short  period of time.  And if you see the routine workers in prison, hospital and cemetery I hardly have any hope that they will get vairAgya by doing their  monotonous work.  Doctors, nurses, ward boys would hardly get vairAgya bhAva by daily seeing the diseased ones, prison authorities hardly care about the importance of freedom and busy in providing freedom to the inmates for some extra bucks and at cemetery, the person who pushes the death bodies inside the crematorium daily wants to have the valuable belongings of death body...and openly ask money in the name of departed sould by keeping the mud plate on the track of crematorium furnace :-) I am not blaming them after all these places are their earning source, vairagya / vedAnta etc. could hardly find a place in their minds.  And for us also, who occasionally visit these places ( in my case,  not yet visited prison but don’t know the future :-) though have philosophically inclined mind would hardly get intensive and irreversible vairagya instead we think it is all there in life so let's move on :-) Such is the power of mAya and such is the dominant force of avidyA which make us to think : Oh OK, it is quite natural in everyone's life,  let's move on, let me take utmost care of my kith and kin till my death in the name of DUTY / kartavya :-) What a consolation and justification by our conditioned mind is it not??  It ( mAya and avidyA) never ever gives us the opportunity to develop everlasting vairagya even after seeing the vagaries, uncertainties and temporary nature of our lives.  

So, now the question is what exactly is required for us to get the intensive dispassion ??  Is it  possible by seeing only gloomy  side of the life and thinking about it pessimistically?? I don’t think so, if that is the case, even our routine encounters with ever demanding wife at home and irritating  boss at office would have given us  the vairagya long time back :-)  You know, that is not the case...So what is that is required to get 'real vairaagya' ?? IMO,  the viveka, the unparalleled conviction about the purely temporary nature of life and sufferings due to our over attachment... The saMskAra plays a vital role here I believe.  Though we ( I) know the answer, the lack of saMskAra, lack of shuddha viveka / vivechana Shakti  still binding us (me) in the samsara chakra with all sort of intellectual justifications :-)

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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