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> Namaste
> Nice equations. More equations
> Jeeva = Brahman + Alpajnatva Adi Upadhis
> Ishwara = Brahman + Sarvjanatva Adi Upadhis
> Jeeva - Upadhis = Brahman
> Ishwara - Upadhis = Brahman
> Therefore Jeeva - Upadhis = Ishwara - Upadhis = Brahman
> This is the great Mahavakya Tat Tvam Asi saying. Jeeva has to realize this.
> Jagat = Brahman + Adhyasta Avidya and its Karyas

Dear Venkat ji,

Sureshwara says in the Brihadaranyaka vartika:
तत्त्वमस्यादिवाक्योत्थसंयग्धीजन्ममात्रतः । अविद्या सह कार्येण नासीदस्ति
भविष्यति ॥

When the right realization arises owing to the mahavakya, avidya, along
with its effects, kaarya, is known to be was not, is not and will not be.
This realization of the traikalika abhava of avidya and its karya (the
pancha koshaatmaka (jiva aspect) and the jagat that extends beyond the body
is the effect of the direct realization.

This is in tune with the 13th chapter of the BG where the entire kshetram
is taught as constituting the observer body-organs-mind-desire, anger, etc.
and the outside world of panchabhuta karya.  The aspirant realizes that the
entire kshetram is mithya. Here, I think, we have the jiva (BMI) and the
jagat are both on the same footing, being of the same category. Jagat is
cognized/perceived by the jiva and he alone realizes that the jagat
constituting the BMI and the world beyond is mithya. He is the chaitanyam
that illumines the BMI and the outside world.


> Jagat - Avidya = Brahman
> But Jagat cannot realize this. It is not a Chetana Vastu like Jeeva to
> realize this.
> This is the difference. The Jeeva can realize he is Brahman. But Jagat
> cannot realize itself is Brahman. Jeeva can realize Avidya Kalpita Jagat is
> Mithya. Jagat cannot realize the Avidya Kalpita Upadhis of Jeeva are
> Mithya. Therefore both Jeeva and Jagat cannot be similar. One is realizing
> as Brahman. The other is not realizing anything.

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