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Can we equate the 'dharma' of the Purva mimamsa with ishwara? This is
because they admit that 'dharma' is something that is produced anew upon a
karma being performed. With this idea alone in the Brahma sutra 'tattu
samanvayat' Brahman is distinguished from dharma and presented as 'siddha
vastu'.  And their idea that all vedic passages are karma-bodhaka/prayojaka
and therefore siddha vastu bodhaka passages are to be seen as arthavada or
'anarthaka', devoid of meaning/prayojanam. And they also accept that dharma
perishes after the phala is experienced.


I could be mistaken. However, the discussion in the tattu samanvayAt sUtra
is about nirvisheSha Brahman, the Self. There is no doubt Brahman cannot be
a factor in any injunction. Here, the topic is about karmaphaladAtA, i.e.
Ishvara. If Apurva of the Mimamsakas can be accommodated as having Ishvara
as the basis, it is not difficult to think of dharma also in a similar


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>> Namaste Anand ji
>> Apologies for intruding but I was reminded of the following passage from
>> Kena ३.१२
>> बीजक्षेत्रसंस्कारपरिरक्षाविज्ञानवत्कर्त्रपेक्षफलं कृष्यादि,
>> विज्ञानवत्सेव्यबुद्धिसंस्कारापेक्षफलं च सेवादि । यागादेः
>> कर्मणस्तथाविज्ञानवत्कर्त्रपेक्षफलत्वानुपपत्तौ
>> कालान्तरफलत्वात्कर्मदेशकालनिमित्तविपाकविभागज्ञबुद्धिसंस्कारापेक्षं फलं
>> भवितुमर्हति, सेवादिकर्मानुरूपफलज्ञसेव्यबुद्धिसंस्कारापेक्षफलस्येव ।
>> तस्मात्सिद्धः सर्वज्ञ ईश्वरः सर्वजन्तुबुद्धिकर्मफलविभागसाक्षी
>> सर्वभूतान्तरात्मा ।
>> Can we say that this idea of sevyabuddhi saMskAra of Ishvara is a suitably
>> modified idea of the apUrva of the mImAmsakas? Given that both (apUrva and
>> Ishvara's samskAra ) represent a kind of avyakta entity which is a
>> necessary intermediate entity to connect karma and karmaphala across time,
>> space and even possibly  janma)?
> Yes, this Ishvara saMskAra is similar to the sUkShma-avasthA of the yAga,
> as described by Madhusudana in the advaitasiddhi. Jaimini's view is that
> Dharma bestows the results of karma, vide BrahmasUtra 3.2.40 (dharmaM
> jaiminirata eva). jaiministvAchAryo dharmaM phalasya dAtAraM manyate, says
> Shankara. However, this view can also be reconciled with the advaita view
> of Ishvara being the phaladAtA, because we have sayings such as, "rAmo
> vigrahavAn dharmaH". Ishvara is the embodiment of dharma.
> Anand

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