[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Lord Alone Is Man's True Friend

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Interestingly, every single shloka below was taken from the PrabodhasudhAkara:

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(Around the beginning of the month, a nugget of Wisdom from the Jagadguru may be posted
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Man's life is invariably subject to the cycle of suffering and joy. What
he ignorantly regards as joy gets transformed into suffering. Those
whom he considers as friends and relatives remain so only until his
association significantly benefits them. If his wealth or utility were to
diminish or cease, they would even brand him as their enemy.
  daivaM yAvadvipulaM yAvatprachuraH paropakArashcha |
  tAvatsarve suhRRido vyatyayataH shatravaH sarve ||
Likewise, even when a regular charitable offering of food was not
received for a couple of days, the recipients would accuse the donor
in anger!
  ashnanti chedanudinaM vandina iva varNayanti saMtRRiptAH |
  tachcheddvitradinAntaramabhinindantaH prakupyanti ||
Therefore, who is man's true friend? Only the Lord. The Lord is
unchanging at all times. If man with devotion and love, worships the
Lord who is by nature 'Bhaktavatsala' (one who is affectionate
towards His devotees), he can be happy in all circumstances. 
Similarly, engaging in dharmic acts solely as an offering to the Lord,
expecting nothing in return constitutes the highest good. This
becomes nishkama karma. Nishkama karma enhances sattvic
tendencies and consequently, the mind is purified. Just as one can
clearly see his face in a spotless mirror, the light of true knowledge
will be reflected only in a pure mind.
  yadvatsamalAdarshe suchiraM bhasmAdinA shuddhe |
  pratiphalati vaktramuchchaiH shuddhe chitte tathA j~nAnam ||
Our blessings for everyone to understand this well, trusting solely
in the Lord and engaging in nishkama karma. 


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