[Advaita-l] Samnyasa and Sankara's position?

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Nice article. But there is one thing to think deeply in this sentence -
>Adherents of all creeds, except the materialists, who believe
  in liberation are not able to disagree with the activities of
  a Yogi. Globalization and Materialism is killing all cultures and
philosophies. Everybody or 99.9999% people will become Materialist only or
Pracchanna Materialist. A man will outwardly be Advaiti, Dvaiti, Jaina,
Buddhist and so on but inside he will be Materialist 100%. The Mathas and
Temples are also Materialist. If you give money you can have any Darshan
like Swamiji or God fast. No money means you wait in long que or No
Darshan. Everything is running on Money, Money and Money. If Swami
Vidyaranya was alive today he would give different advice - how to not
become a Materialist and become Astika. He will not talk about Jnani and
Sanyasa. This is the basic step. Turn away from Materialism. But it is very
very very very very difficult for 99.9999999% people today. Parents are
responsible for spoiling children and making them Materialists. In
childhood they put pressure to get high marks in school, then to join
lucrative job. What is all this? Money is the most important thing. With
Money enjoy life. Therefore kindly answer - How to become Astika and not a
Materialist? People are very very far from becoming even Astikas. Then they
have to become Jnani Matra. Then they have to take Sanyasa. The journey is
very long.

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> Akilesh Ayyar ayyar at akilesh.com wrote:
> > Namaste,
> >
> > I am wondering what Sankara's position on the necessity of samnyasa for
> > seekers and/or jnanis.
> >
> > My impression is that the traditional understanding is that he does
> require
> > it at least of seekers.
> >
> > However, I have read that he suggests that grihasthas and other
> > non-samnyasins can achieve moksha, which contradicts that idea.
> >
> There are broadly speaking four kinds of sannyAsa:
> 1) markaTa-sannyAsa or "Monkey-like" renunciation:
>    This so-called "sannyAsa" is taken up without vairAgya, and is
> denounced by the Wise. e.g. Arjuna's attempt (dissuaded by Krishna).
> 2) vividiShA-sannyAsa or "Seeker's" renunciation:
>    The standard sannyAsa that is taken up by those who have vairAgya and
> yearn to know the Self.
> 4) vidvat-sannyAsa or "Knower's" renunciation:
>    This is a highly esteemed sannyAsa automatically assumed by one who has
> already known the Self as a gRRihastha or brahmachArin,
>    in order to attain *STEADINESS* (niShThA) in the Self! e.g. yAGYavalkya.
> 4) Atura-sannyAsa or "Deathbed" renunciation:
>    A dying man who wishes to take his last breath as a sannyAsin.
> Here's a more elaborate explanation regarding the illustrious third kind
> above:
> https://lists.advaita-vedanta.org/archives/advaita-l/2009-February/021329.html
>   BrahmaGYAna and jIvanmukti - 7 (Summary)
>   Feb 19, 2009
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