[Advaita-l] Question about Sri Vidyaranya's JMV & jnani matra

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If this is what Sri MS is saying not just to debate with dvaitins but
presenting it as ultimate siddhAnta of Advaita, then I could understand
why there is a statement that says Sri MS is not completely following Sri
bhagavatpAda and differs from him in some aspects of Advaita.

Shankara's sUtrabhAShya 4.1.15 provides an indication to the concept of
avidyAlesha that is further explained by later advaitins. bAdhitamapi
mithyAjnAnaM dvichandrajnAnavat saMskAravashAt kaMcitkAlamanuvartata eva.
Even after its sublation, the false ignorance may continue for a while due
to impressions (saMskAra), as the (continuance) of two moons (for a person
whose defective eyesight has been just corrected). As far as continuance of
the body for the jIvanmukta, Shankara says: kathaM hyekasya
svahRdayapratyayaM brahmavedanaM dehadhAraNam cApareNa pratikSheptuM
shakyeta, if a person has a  feeling in his heart of Brahman realization
and (still) holding a body, how can it be denied by another person?

Madhusudana follows Citsukha in asserting that avidyA has more than one
power, and that only some powers get destroyed by jnAna. He lists three
powers (shakti) of avidyA, namely  the power to produce an illusion that
the phenomenal world is the paramArtha (prapance
pAramArthikatvAdibhramahetushakti), the power that produces the capacity
for practical efficiency (arthakriyA) in the phenomenal world (prapance
arthakriyAsamarthatvasampAdakashakti), and the power to produce illusions
of things that are capable of being objects of immediate perception
(aparokShapratibhAsayogyArthAbhAsajanikAshakti). Of these, the first two
powers cease upon dawn of knowledge of Brahman. The third power, however,
continues until the falling off of the body, and corresponds to the
vikShepa shakti as explained by later advaitins.


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