[Advaita-l] Who is 'Jagadguru'?

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Fri Apr 12 00:13:28 EDT 2019

The title Jagad guru can also be said as the Jagath is the guru.This was given by our Kanchi Periavar ( this is from my memory) when some one asked Him how He canbe called Jagath Guru?as He is just Guru for only a section of the people.

Hare Krishna

Jagat is mithyA accepted by most of the advaitins, so how jagat can be a guru when it is in itself mithyA??  I donot know what kAnchi periyar intended to say here.  

Coming back to the title 'jagadguru', IMHO, it is purely subjective opinion of people belonging to one or the other tradition and have their own justification to defend the 'jagadguru' title of their guru/s.  For us, the advaitins, the Amnaya peetAdhipati-s are jagadguru-s, but for the dualists, they have their own jagadguru-s in their tradition.  When you put-forth the arguments like those who are realized 'ahaM brahmAsmi' only the jagadguru-s, then dualists will jump on our neck and say what is jagat in your siddhAnta??  It is mithyA is it not??  So your guru is mithyA guru is it??  Moreover, your interpretation of Shruti vAkya 'ahaM brahmAsmi' is itself erred, your conclusion is  just like a person who has power thinking that he is as powerful as lion and declaring that 'he is lion', it is quite humorous and fact remains that he would never become 'lion', he always remains as that same  person only wrongly thinking that he is 'lion'.  And again even if you are brahman, the brahman is in your philosophy is absolute  nirvishesha, and you are in essence 'nirvishesha' when you are declaring that you are brahman and jagat according to you is kevala mithya like snake on the rope, so your brahma jnAni-s are the master of this whole non-existing snakes and also at the same time nirvishesha and nirguNa!!??  Is this what you mean to say when you are declaring jagad guru-s available only in your tradition??  Kindly note this is what I had to encounter when I inadvertently  said in vAdAvaLi, my jagadguru shankara bhagavatpAda is the only authority for me to interpret the Shruti in the right way 😊 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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