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Dear all,

We are pleased to inform you about a *Ten Day Text Reading Workshop on
Nyaya Siddhanta Muktavalee* organized by *Karnataka Samskrit University*
from *25th  May to 3rd June 2019.*

The workshop aims at learning of the Nyaya Siddhanta Muktavalee. Muktavalee
is one of the finest texts to get into the basics of Indian logic and
epistemology. This text will be taught by the renowned scholars - Vidwan A
Haridas Bhat ji and Dr. B V Venkataramana.

During the workshop, participants will be familiarized with the terms like
Pratyakṣa, Anumāna, Upamāna, Seven padārthas, etc., In addition, the
workshop shall cover the various aspects of the Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika darśana. By
attending this workshop participants will become familiar with means of
knowledge, verbal cognition and fallacies etc. We believe that the workshop
will contribute greatly towards preserving and disseminating the knowledge
wealth of India.

Who shall apply? :
Anyone who is interested in understanding Indian logic.

For more details and application, please refer to attached brochure or

*Accommodation shall be provided to outstation participants on request.*

For more details, kindly contact *Dr Shruthi H K* (9482065842), *Dr.
Udayana Hegde* (94810 26366), *Dr. Shakuntala Bhat* (9481129511)

Registration link : http://tiny.cc/9m9i4y


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