[Advaita-l] Samnyasa and Sankara's position?

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Namaste Sriramji,

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> On a lighter vein :
> ................
> Even if you want to stay at home after jnAna, your wife & children wont
> let you stay ....wife will pester for vegetables, milk packets, curd and
> groceries
> and your kids would pester for outing :)
Although this is humorous, it is factual. And not only is it true of a
gRhasta, it's also so for a brahmachArI wherein I particularly think it's
equally difficult for a mother to give up her son to sannyAsa, if not more.
And on a still lighter note, Bhagavatpadacharya should have taught some
crocodile-grasp equivalent way-outs to his followers!

As for the want-to-stay-at-home part, I recently came across a beautiful
quotation by HH Chandrashekhara Bharatiji in the vyAkhyA under
Vivekachudamani which says:
ज्ञानामृतेन तृप्तस्य कृतकृत्यस्य योगिनः ।
नैवास्ति किञ्चित्कर्तव्‍यमस्ति चेन्न स तत्त्ववित्॥
I haven't seen clearer words than these elsewhere.

Hence, better to take vidwat-sanyAsa post jnAna for jnAna-niSTa ...

 The pUrvapakSha that there can be no such vidhi for a jnAnI although true
stands countered since this, as we saw, is not a vidhi but a natural result
of jnAna. nyAsa is brahmasvarUpAvasthAna and such niShThA takes a "person"
away from everything else.



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