[Advaita-l] Who is 'Jagadguru'?

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Sri Gurubyo Namaha
Thanks Sri Ram for shedding light.
Harih Om

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> The sanyasi who is arguing there is Govindananda Saraswati who was the
> classmate of my wife in purvAshrama.
> We never saw him doing sandhyavandana.   His friends' circle is very close
> to my wife.
> While developing a website, happened to go sringeri and settled there for
> few days. Impressed with the
> serene environment, thought of learning veda and placed his proposal
> before Mahasannidhanam. Upon
> approval, stayed there for 6 months, thought of taking sanyasa.
> Mahasannidhanam didn't approve.
> Fled Sringeri Mutt and approached Sivaganga Mutt and Dwaraka Mutt.
> Somehow, managed to take
> Sanyasa and started his own peetha (self-styled) in Hampi.  Being the
> youngest son, his mother cries before my
> wife as they had high expectations & hopes on their son.
> He is always in some controversy or other......
> The sanyAsa-ashrama in our sanAtana dharma has become a big joke owing to
> jokers like these...
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