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Wed Apr 17 02:59:52 EDT 2019

Thank you Akhilesh ji for letting us know that Rupert Spira had familiarity with the Advaita teaching through a student of the Shankaracharya.

The way Sreenivasa Murthy ji asserted that Rupert Spira had not done any Advaita study, I thought he definitely knew Rupert personally!!

Hare Krishna

This incident reminds me one more episode about 'advaita from unknown sources' 😊 Few years back some one quoted some statement which was supposed to be  from South Africa's deepest forest tribal leader which was almost similar to 'ahaM brahmAsmi'.  Everyone who are familiar with Shruti teaching surprised to hear this from completely unknown source that too from the person who might not even heard that there is country called India and a scripture called Upanishad 😊  Well, what would be the source of his knowledge then??  We were ready with the answer, he might be a uncivilized tribal in his current janma but he should have been an Advaita jnAni in his previous janma without this pUrva janma samskAra, shAstra jnana, he would definitely  not be able to give teaching like this in his current janma since shAstra is the ultimate source to gain this type of jnana.  A judicious and traditional way to bring every Advaita teacher within the ambit of vedAnta 😊 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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