[Advaita-l] Samnyasa and Sankara's position?

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praNAms Sri Sudhanshu Shekhar prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I am very sorry for the very belated reply.  Just few clarifications required with regard to your bhAshya quotes from chAndOgya.

Therefore, it boils down that "jnana-prapti" can be there for grihastha and in fact of all varna and ashrama but not Moksha. Moksha is ONLY through sarva-karma-sanyasa and sks (ks too) is only for Brahmana.

  *   I think this is the crux of the issue we have to discuss in detail.  From the above you are accepting that jnana prApti can happen to anyone / everyone irrespective of their varNa but mOksha is ONLY for brAhmaNa who has taken formal SKS.  You are implying here jnana prApti is a separate event for which everyone is eligible but after this mOksha which is another event (subsequently happens after jnana) is restricted to ONLY brAhmaNa SKS (sarva karma sanyasi).  I hope by saying jnana prApti you meant ‘paramArtha jnana / Atmaikatva jnana.  If this is not paramArtha jnana please clarify.  If this is indeed paramArtha jnana and mOksha is the subsequent stage that needs to be achieved after SKS by ONLY brAhmaNa, then please clarify what is the difference between jnana-nishTa avasthA (applicable to all varNa-s)  and mOksha (applicable to ONLY SKS brAhmaNa).  And in geeta krishna says : streyO Vaishya sthathA shUdrAstepi yAnti parAm gatiM.  Here if the parAM gatim is not mOksha then please clarify what is the lord implying.  And also clarify, to get Advaita-s ultimate knowledge ( svarUpa jnana / Atmaikatva jnana) is there any pratibaNdhaka apart from avidyA / ajnAna.  If the complete annihilation of avidyA is not guarantee the mOksha and kevala jnana mAtra and SKS as a vidhi to get mOksha then mOksha become vidhi para ??  Is this what bhAshyakAra saying in chAndOgya while insisting the SKS ??  After getting your clarification I shall share my thoughts on those bhAshya vAkya-s.

Hari Hari  Hari Bol!!!

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