[Advaita-l] Fwd: {भारतीयविद्वत्परिषत्} Was Kalidasa inspired by this name in the Valmiki Ramayanam?

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 09:10:21 EST 2019

In this shloka is the word ' कुमारसम्भव:' which reminds us of the famous
work by that name of Kalidasa:

// Kumarasambhavam celebrates the love story of Siva and Parvati, whose
passionate union results in the birth of their son, the young god Kumara.


एष ते राम गङ्गाया विस्तरो ऽभिहितो मया ।

*कुमारसम्भव*श्चैव धन्यः पुण्यस्तथैव च ।। 1.37.32 ।।


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