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Dear friends,

Most of my transition to study India at a late age was motivated by Swami
who served as a resident monk in Ramakrishna Vedanta Society in Boston and
also served
as religious counselor at MIT.  Like all bright students during the
colonial times, he began
life as an accountant in Bombay and relinquished it to be a monk.  He
worked in a hospital
in Kankhal in the Himalayas as an apprentice and then served the
Ramakrishna Mission in Karachi during the turbulent period of partition.
He came to Boston in 1954 and died here
in 2009.  He was 97.

My association with him began in 1978 during a relief event in MIT for the
Andhra cyclone
victims that Fall.  He helped my son to get into music (my son became an
opera singer) and offered his library to me to create curriculum on India
for the immigrant children school I was organizing. By being in MIT, he had
association in science and mathematics and incorporated modern cosmological
ideas to Vedanta.  I did work with him during the last fifteen years of his
life to edit some of his lectures and publish them.  I particularly wish to
draw attention to a
short book on the Gita we got out in 2005.  It is being distributed from
RKM, Cheenai.

Though the book is selling well, I don't see a review.  Interested scholars
may read and
put a review on the book.  Amazon also sells it.  There are more books
listed there.

More on the swami is at https://www.swamisarvagatananda.org/
a website I created in 2016.

I thought to pay tribute to a teacher.

Best regards,
Bijoy Misra

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