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Dear Sri Subramanian

                   SAGES DECLARE AS FOLLOWS : 
             (Collected from the writings of Rupert Spira)
Quote :
Consciousness is eternal existence itself,

 one’s ownself and being is that.

 Consciousnessis not an event or something new to experience, 

it is what you are right now. 

You don't become it, 

you are already it right now, 

it is your very own self, that is all. 

Here and now you are that consciousnessitself 

that you know so well as yourself or ‘I’am. 

No one can deny his own being, 

'I' am present because consciousnessitself is present. 

Consciousness is the only Seer, the onlyhearer, 

the only knower, the only thinker etc…present.

There is no other Seer present but thisconsciousness itself, 

no other knower, no other thinker, noother hearer etc... 

but this Oneness itself Omni-present, 

the One without a second is ‘you’. 

Consciousness is simply one's own self.


‘I’ is Self-luminous, Self-evident, 

Self-existent and Self-knowing

The above is the essence of the Teachings of Upanishads.Is it not Sri Shankara's upadesha also?If I am wrong please correct me without hesitation.

With respectful namaskars,
Sreenivasa Murthy

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