[Advaita-l] Narayana Himself born as Brahmaa - Narayaneeyam

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In the Narayaneeyam, 7th Dasakam, Bhattatiri says that Narayana Himself was
born as Brahmaa, Hiranyagarbha, and owing to the upsurge of Rajoguna,
desired to engage in creation. Thus, the non-difference between
Hiranyagarbha and Narayana is brought out clearly.

This is in tune with the Vishnu Purana, where too, this idea is clearly

सृजत्येष जगत्सृष्टौ स्थितौ पाति सनातनः ।

हन्ति चैवान्तकत्वे च रजः सत्त्वादिसंश्रयः ।। २१ ।।

 आश्रित्य तमसो वृत्तिमन्तकाले तथा पुनः ।

रुद्रस्वरूपो भगवानेकांशेन भवत्यजः ।। २७


Resorting to, आश्रित्य, the three gunas alone Brahman can engage in
creation, etc. Without this it is impossible to perform these functions.
This default position of Vedanta is demonstrated in the above texts.

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