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> Namaste Gopal ji
>  Thanks so much for sharing that pdf. I agree that 'authored' is not the
> best word to describe the southern indian origin of the extant version of
> the srimad-bhagavatam. I was recollecting from 20 year old memories hence
> the imprecision.
> Interestingly, Swami Tapasyanandaji while giving much more detail about its
> origin also goes on to say (the words are in quotes in your pdf and i am
> assuming they are his words) that
> "It is evident from this that the (Vaishnava)
> Bhagavata, as it exists today, has been *thoroughly revised* by some
> unknown savant of South India
> imbued with the devotional fervour of the Alwars. Though versions of the
> Bhagavata *might have been*
> in existence earlier, the *last editor of it must have recast it
> radically*."
> So 'radical-recaster' or 'thorough-reviser' would be more appropriate to
> describe the southern indian scholar who introduced numerous verses of his
> own in to a presumably older edition.

It may not be out of place here to mention that the Mahabharata too has
undergone such a laundering.  The most recent instance is that of the
'Vaishnava PaaTha' of this text published by the Palimaru MaTha of Udupi
(Madhva following).  They have said there that they have gone by the
Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya of Madhvacharya and the Lakshalankara of
Vadiraja to determine what would have been the intent of Veda Vyasa.
Strange it is, that rather it should have been the opposite : - ).   In
some editions of the MBTN, in places, the editor says, these verses are not
to be found in the printed versions of the MB but since our Acharya has
cited them these must have existed (in older editions).  Verses on Bhima
being extolled as the supreme jiva, with unparalleled prowess, paanDitya,
etc. are not found elsewhere.



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