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> Raghavji,
> Namaste. Thanks for your reply.
> In another mail, you had made a remark about srithara swamin and his
> timing. It is believed he lived after Sri madhwachwrya of dwaita sampradaya
> who peaked between 1250s to 1310s. M had written bhagavata tatparya
> nirnaya. So SS was not the earliest commentator, as you were asking about.
> This is just a food for ur thought.

Could the Bhagavata Tatparya Nirnaya be termed a 'commentary' on the text?
Is BTN a work of verses composed by Madhva or is it a verse-by-verse
commentary like Sridhara Swamin has done?

I just wanted to add, in continuation of the observation of Swami
Tapasyananda,  this invocation of Sridhara Swamin to his commentary:

माधवोमाधवावीशौ सर्वसिद्धिविधायिनौ। वन्दे परस्परात्मानौ परस्परनुतिप्रियौ॥

I bow to Mādhava and Umādhava (Shiva) who are both 'Isha-s' Supreme Lords. They
are capable of bestowing all accomplishments (to their devotees). They are
both the selves of each other and both love to engage in the stuti of each
Vamshidhara, the expounder of Sridhara swamin's commentary, explains this
verse with copious citations from scriptural texts. This is available in
the link below:



A relevant question to ask would be why
> acharya madhwa choose to do this work at par with his Mahabharata and
> ramayana tatparya nirnaya works unless it was already a primary text in his
> times. He was born 100 years after the siddhi of Sri Ramanuja. I have not
> read this work so am not sure which version of bhagavata text he used.
> Sincerely,
> ..gopal

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