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Dear Members,
Kama – Kala – Vilasa:  It is an important aspect of Sri-vidya-Misra-Samaya cult (Kadi Vidya Sampradaya) written & commentary by punayananda nadha who belongs Hadi vidya Sampradaya from the Yogini Hridaya of the Vamakeswara Grantha. Bhaskararaya (Diskha name:Bhasurananda Natha) has also commented on the purvachatuhsati/Uttarachatuhsati from the Yogini Hridaya. 

Kama-Kala-Vilasa means the spreading  & evolution of kamakala which is present at the supreme triangle (43rd) formed from the Bindu, Visarga & Prakasa/Vimarsa of the Sri-Chakra. The Siva & Shakti of the I & This is the primary manifestation of the universal existence.  In simple terms it is the one of the two aspects as Changeless Consciousness & Changing power into the unfolded universe. This evolution is pictorially represented in a three dimensional view of the Sri Chakra. 

Lalita is the supreme shakti of the Brahmman (Aniruddhasaraswati) as claimed by the wandering Kaula’s on the earth. The Kama-Kala is the first & foremost activity of the Brahmman Substance (Padardham) arised after pralaya kala. Here mother goddess absorbed herself in all the 36 Tattvas of the Universe. She remain for sometime in this state holding all the Tattvas within herself until a disturbance was created by a desire (Kama) to create (Sristhi). The movement arise from the stress of this desire manifests as Kama-Kala  and its unfolding was nicely described by the Punayananda Nadha and commentray by Sir JohnWoodroffe (Arthur Avalon).

In one of the commentaries by Lakshmidhara Pandit describes Devi’s Ha is called Ardha-Kala (half-part) and Aham is Sakala aspect of Brahmman. This concept was contradicted by several people due to his definition of Bindu as Drop which is not correct. Bindu of the topmost triangle cannot be described as drop and it can be technically termed as Ghanibhuta Shakti in a particular state. The Metaphysical point of the Top of the srichakra i.e Bindu is nicely explained in Garland of Letters by Sir. Sir explains that the Sadhaka should realize his identity with the Kama-Kala and should be submerged in to all the aspects of Devi. Bindu is the state of Laya which is splitted into two small bindu’s i.e Sristi-Sthiti.

The ultimate goal of the Sadhaka is to realize his identity initially with the Srichakra, Mantra, the goddess, Kundalini and the Great Guru. All these aspects are all ‘Brahmman’  (Sarvam Khalvidam Brahmma). More details of Kama-Kala Vilasa  can be found in the book published by Ganesh &Co (Madras), 1961. 

 This is a only a preliminary introduction and details should be read & understood over a period of time and I can send a copy of it to any one who is interested in Shaktiworship. It is not just a mere reading of book and should be read only by the people who are initiated in Shakti Sadhana by a 'GURU'.

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu


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