[Advaita-l] Is the eternity and apaurusheyatva of Vedas a mere belief

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>  All vedic mention of its nityatva about itself has no bearing on its
> validity. If vEdas have
> it other way (that anityatva of itself is mentioned), then it is the case
> of self defeating.

This will not be the case since the 'anityatva/mithyatva/non-existence of
Veda' in any other state of moksha, for instance will not contradict the
nityatva statement in the Veda as the two are different. Nityatva is
vyavaharika, pravaha nityatva and the other is from the paramarthika
standpoint. So there is no contradiction even if two statements as intended
above are present in the Veda itself. It is like the astitva/sristi of
jagat mentioned in the veda and also the denial of the jagat in the veda


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