[Advaita-l] Physical Body is Really Required to obtain Brahma Jnana?

KAMESWARARAO MULA kamesh_ccmb at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jul 4 03:49:20 EDT 2019

Dear Sir,

                Does one require a physical body to obtain Brahma Jnana?

King Janaka became Brahma jnani from formless yogis. He is not having any male offspring’s to do  pitru tarpana. ( I mean Mythili is not having any brothers).
 If some one is ready to give Jnana in a formless state, one can also take that while formless? 
 I hope I am clear in raising this question.

Or Is it really required for some one to take a human form and perform 9 types of Bhakti (Srvana, manana, vandana, Dasya, Sakhya…etc) to obtain Jnana?

As I heard it is difficult to get a ‘’Manava Janma” out of the 64,000 Janthu Yoni births. Although my question is little hypothetical, but I have a valid point if you think little deeper in Brahmman aspects. What the scriptures say in this matter?

Learned members pls contribute your views

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu


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