[Advaita-l] Physical Body is Really Required to obtain Brahma Jnana?

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Does one require a physical body to obtain Brahma Jnana?

>  Yes, might be the answer. Coz. Acharya says susamskruta mana, AcharyOpadesha etc. required for obtaining jnana or removing ajnAna.  And from this jnana, the custodian of jnana realizes that he was / is / will ever be ashareera.  And when there is strong evidences to show that jnAni's individual BMI, his avidyA lesha. kAma-krOdha, prArabdha karma etc. do we still have the question about existence and necessity of  'physical body' ??

King Janaka became Brahma jnani from formless yogis.

He is not having any male offspring’s to do  pitru tarpana. ( I mean Mythili is not having any brothers).
 If some one is ready to give Jnana in a formless state, one can also take that while formless?
 I hope I am clear in raising this question.

>  pardon me not clear atleast for me.  Don’t you identifying something objective in 'king janaka' while narrating all these to us??  What exactly is that when jnana pradAta and jnAnAkAnkshi both are absolute formless??

Or Is it really required for some one to take a human form and perform 9 types of Bhakti (Srvana, manana, vandana, Dasya, Sakhya…etc) to obtain Jnana?

>  jantUnAm nara janmaM durlabhaM ...but nava vidha bhakti is there to develop parAbhakti which ultimately results in sOhaM or tattvamasi jnana.  And for jnana shAstra shravaNAdi sAdhana is 'direct means' nothing else.  nAnyaH paNthA ayanAya vidyate says shruti.

As I heard it is difficult to get a ‘’Manava Janma” out of the 64,000 Janthu Yoni births. Although my question is little hypothetical, but I have a valid point if you think little deeper in Brahmman aspects. What the scriptures say in this matter?

Learned members pls contribute your views

>  shAstra says you have to approach shrOtreeya brahmanishTa guru with sticks in hand and serve him and get the knowledge from him.  Pariprashnena sevaya says Geeta.  tadvijnAnArthaM a gurumevAbhigacchet samitpANiH shrotreeyaM brahma nishThaM says shruti.  So being a 'mAnava' without looking for any exceptions we have to approach a traditional guru (another mAnava)  to know we are indeed ashareeri 😊

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