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 Hari Om,

"How can the world come about from nishkriya Brahman" - is it a valid
question in Advaita VedAnta? The confusion arises because this process of
"coming about" - in whichever manner - must necessarily involve change
which will contradict the nishkriyatva and changelessness of Brahman.

So my doubt is - whether this question itself is permissible to be asked in
Advaita VedAnta. My point is that this question is impermissible.

------------------------------Response: Any valid question is permissible in Advaita if asked by a prepared mind. The answer is very simple too. As per the above statement, there is no creation at all. Since it is Brahman - it is sajaati, vijaati swagata bheda rahitam. 
When there is no creation - where are the questioner and the question?
. Since the question is being asked on the internet, there seems to be a creation that is not really possible. Hence the whole question and this discussion fall under the category of 'really not there but apparently there'. Hence creation is only at vyavaharika state and not from the paramaarthika state. Hence there is no creation from Brahman reference but from the ignorant jeeva's point, yet there is a creation as there is a question and Advaita does answer. There is no Advaita in Brahman - na vaak gacchati, na manaH. All the discussion about Brahman including naiskarmya status are only lakshyaartha or pointers to recognize or realize the underlying truth about Brahman or about the validity of the question and the questioner. 
Hence if the student asks the teacher the above question - he would say that please examine the very validity or reality of the questioner and the question - before worrying about creation by the nishkriyatva Brahman.
This is the essence of BRigu asking the question and answer his father varuana gave was - yatovaa imaani bhuttani jaayante...
Please contemplate on that - say Varuna to his sone.
Hari Om!

Because when we ask this question, it implies that we have got certain
"idea" about Brahman. We are imputing the dharma of "nishkriyatva" and
"changelessness" to Brahman whereas Brahman is stated as nirdharmaka. When
Shruti uses the word nishkriya or satya for Brahman, then it is not state
satyatva or nishkriyatva as the dharma of Brahman, but as lakshana of
Brahman with at intent to withdraw our vision from kriyavaan and
asatya-vastu (which can pretty well be understood).

Therefore, the very question as to how of creation from Brahman should be
impermissible in Advaita VedAnta because without having "some
understanding" of Brahman, this question is not possible AND no
understanding is possible about Brahman.

I would appreciate the views of learned members here.

Sudhanshu Shekhar.
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