[Advaita-l] The Viraat form of Brahman as per Panchadashi - ref to BG 11th ch.

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> The correct perspective is that all-pervading formless Ishvara alone is
> worshipped but by taking the help of forms. We don't worship idols - we
> worship Ishvara.
> praNAms Sri Raghava prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> If the above is the 'correct' vedAntic vision, then Sri Sudhanshu shekar
> prabhuji had a very valid point in arguing the concepts like 'change' and
> 'changeless'.  Can we say : vibhuti-s attributed to brahman is kevala
> avidyAkalpita just for the sake of teaching the ultimate nirvikAri
> brahman??  In all probability the answer is Yes, as there is no jagat at
> the very first place to say anything about its creator, sustainer and
> destroyer.  So, as a result, the hiraNya garbha, virAt purusha, trimurthy
> etc. etc. all are avidyA kalpita and kevala bhrama then only advaita's
> paramArtha satya can be upheld intact.  Correct me if I said anything
> wrong.

Bhaskar ji, you have said the correct view. Since we, in ajnana, see a
jagat of objects, names, forms, and are bound by raaga and dvesha, the
shaastra comes in to 'validate' the jagat by 'correcting' our view of the
jagat. In the process, it posits, as a necessary step, the 'creation of
jagat by a conscious, chetana, entity called Ishwara/Brahman, the sequence
of creation as 'Ishwara > Hiranyagarbha > Viraat.'  By doing this, the
shaastra 'divinises' the entire jagat experience.  He is a true follower of
sanatana dharma who accepts this 'shaastra drishti' of the jagat. When he
commits himself to adhere to the shaastra, he is shown the way of evolving
into realizing he is indeed that chaitinyam from whom this jagat
emerges/stays/resolves.  In this process the introducing and later
withdrawal of the concepts of Ishwara, hiranyagarbha and Viraat happen. The
Mandukya Upanishad is the basis for this. The pre-seventh mantras are the
adhyaropa part and the seventh mantra is the apavaada part for the triad of
Ishwara, hiranyagarbha and viraat. Within this scheme is present the wide
range of forms that Brahman takes for upaasana....saadhkaanugrahaartham as
the Bhashya has said.

Thus, there is no place for any real change, vikara, in Brahman.

warm regards

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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