[Advaita-l] Mantra Japa during grahana.

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Namaste Bhaskar ji,

Of course Ishvara does not get dirty during grahaNa or ashoucha
- यत्र यदध्यासः, तत्कृतेन दोषेण गुणेन वा अणुमात्रेणापि स न सम्बध्यते।

However, these rules are prescribed not for Ishvara, but keeping in mind
the ajnAni jIva-s who do not yet see Him in places of impurity, like शुन,
श्वपाक, etc, or sometimes, even in evil men - He is, after all, a
नक्तंचरद्भ्यः प्रकृन्तानां / तस्कराणाम् पति, also.

The mind and senses of the jIva are the organs with which he interacts with
the world, and for this reason, they are often described as the consumers
of shabda, sparsha, rUpa, etc. When those sense objects are ritualistically
unclean things, that impurity clings to the sense organs which feed upon
them, and through dehAtma abhimAna, to the jIva. As long as he is a sharIra
abhimAni, the impurities of the body mind complex are the jIva-s and will
cause him trouble.

Hence, the worship of Ishvara in a temple, the rules around grahaNa,
ashoucham, etc are meant to ensure the well being of the jIva, not to
protect Ishvara, who is beyond good and evil, purity and impurity.


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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Answer is Yes, We have to see all these from the Vedanta Perspective
> rather than blindly following Traditional practices. There is one
> extraordinarily expert since 100 yrs in Shivagama shastra namely Gauripati
> Shastri ji in a village called 'Bhatnavilli' of Godavari district and it
> seems he recently left his mortal coil by making his sons, grand sons as
> experts in that field. They only performs, Shiva linga girnodhharana,
> kalyanam, rudara homam ..etc in our sivalaya temple since many years. I
> will try to get some information for Pramana  for this Grahana Kala Malina
> of the temple from them.
> > Thanks, I am more particular to know how deity / deva / devata get dirty
> during grahaNa.
> However, my experience with my grand father says that: he used to insists
> me to keep  the Kusa agra i.e Darbha in the puja mandira of the house and
> as well also on dhanyagara, Store house (long kept pickles). I asked why
> so? He said to me that Darbha is always auspicious as it was borned from
> mother mitti matruka. Even it is ever pure than the 'Grutham' (Ghee). So he
> says in the Grahana Kala we never know, any negative energies (Rakshasa
> Gana's), may enters the house easily  as they were  very active during that
> period. As Rahu, ketu are belongs to Asura's class initially, so after
> seeing the darbhas in the house, they will not dare to live or continue to
> present there due to the purity of the house by the presence of the darbhas.
> >  Yes, this is followed at my home as well.  Yesterday, overhead tank,
> sump, all groceries, vegetable basket, inside fridge including TV, music
> system, devatAgAra etc. completely darbha maya.  I dare not to question my
> wife about pUja room and idols malinatvaM due to grahaNa, at home I
> promptly follow whatever she says.  As you know, being  gruhastha, we need
> peace of mind at home 😊
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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