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> > On a different note -
> > I heard a vaidika who is a vaadyaar teaching in a Tamil Nadu Gurukulam
> say
> > that vyAsa pourNami is only of little importance for grihasthas and it's
> > traditiobally regarded as meaningful only for sannyAsins. Is this strange
> > idea prevalent only in Tamil Nadu?
> >
> For Sannyasis the Ashadha purnima is the beginning of chaturmasa vrata
> when those who are parivrajas (wanderers) have to settle in one place.
> Sannyasis are the real Advaitins, the rest of us however much we might
> know are amateurs. So it is of great importance for them to recall the
> Sadguru Paramapara today. For grhasthas, Chaturmasa begins on Prabodhini
> Ekadashi and arguably that is a more important day for us in practical
> terms.  But "only a little importance" is a stretch to far in my opinion.
> We also have an obligation to pay respects to the sanatana lineage from
> Narayana to Veda Vyas to Shankaracharya to the acharyas of the past and
> finally to our own acharyas because we will be the ones to keep that
> parampara going into the future.
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