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> > Here is a short file on Bhaagavata khandanam (a refutation of the
> > Srimadbhagavatam):
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> http://easycms.in/clientportal/38/file_uploader/252_Dayananda_Granthmala-3.pdf
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> >
> > It has the original Sanskrit and Hindi translation.
> >
> This is from the nastika Dayanand of Arya Samaj infamy.  I am shocked that
> you would post it here.

The text in question is not a refutation of Ishwara/God. It is a scholarly
analysis of various aspects of the Srimadbhagavatam to show the various
contradictions that those aspects face with shruti, Mahabharata, other
smritis, etc. The portrayal of Shiva, for instance, in the Banasura
episode, the author here takes up to show how it is contradicting the idea
of Rudra of the Mahabharata. So with the portrayal of Brahmaa as 'ajnani'
in the Bhagavatam (Krishna) episode and how Brahma is extolled in the MB.
While the Advaitin would not make much of these under the nahi nindaa
nyaya, this author has a cause that he pursues.


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