[Advaita-l] Upanishadic Svarupa Lakshanam of Brahman in the Valmiki Ramayanam

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Sat Jul 20 14:15:08 EDT 2019

In the Valmiki Ramayana there are many instances where the simile of
Shiva/Rudra is used, just as the simile of Vishnu, Brahma, etc. are. In
this verse:

अनुयातौ श्रिया दीप्तौ शोभयेतामनिन्दितौ।

स्थाणुं देवमिवाचिन्त्यं कुमाराविव पावकी ।।1.22.10।।

[....As they followed sage Viswamitra spreading radiance, they looked like
sons of the god of fire, (Skanda and Visakhu) following the
incomprehensible Siva. ]

of the Baalakaanda there is an epithet 'achintya' used to denote the nature
of Shiva, SthaaNu. This epithet is an Upanishadic one used as Svarupa
lakshana for Brahman.

The article uploaded in this URL contains many similes with their context,

The Vedantic references of the above simile are shown. They are useful for
the Advaitic sadhaka.


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