[Advaita-l] Kundalini Awakening happens in Dreams

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Mon Jul 22 18:43:29 EDT 2019

OSHO:     All that can ever be experienced is phenomena. Remember, not only are the objects of the world phenomena and dreams, but also objects of consciousness. They may be objects of the world, they may be just objects of the mind. They may be great spiritual experiences.You may see kundalini rising in you: that too is a phenomenon —a beautiful dream, but a dream all the same. You may see great light flooding your being, but that light is also a phenomenon. You may see lotuses blooming inside you and a great fragrance arising within your being: those too are phenomena, because you are always the seer and never the seen, always the experiencer and never the experienced, always the witness and never the witnessed.

Yesterday's Time's Speking Tree Article:
Start contemplating in this way: if you are walking on the street, contemplate that people passing by are all dreams. The shops and the shopkeepers and the customers and the people coming and going, all are dreams. The houses, the buses, the train, the airplane, all are dreams. Suddenly, like a flash, one thing comes into your vision, “I am a dream too.” Because if the seen is a dream, then who is this ‘I’? If the object is a dream, then the subject is also a dream.If the object is false, how can the subject be the truth? If you watch everything as a dream, suddenly you will find something slipping out of your being: the idea of the ego. Meditating this way again and again, one day the miracle happens: you look in, and the ego is not found there. The quality of your consciousness will have a new flavour to it.

The awakening is perceived or known to the subtle minds of the Sadhaka who deserves that. However, the post kundalini rising sequences are horrible, makes you roam around, bites the buddhi, deceives in materialistic pleasures, maya overrules, makes deviates from the path of liberation.
The One & Only i.e the helping hand of Sri Guru can only make's the disciple to control the awakened kundalini energy and make the sadhaka balanced otherwise you never know where you have fallen or it may make to take a birth again also by overpowering the maya.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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