[Advaita-l] WHAT AM "I"

sreenivasa murthy narayana145 at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jun 6 22:23:17 EDT 2019

Dear friends,WHAT AM " I "? This  is  the  question  
which will be in the mind of 
a sincere student  of  Vedanta.The  answer  for  the  above  vital  question  is :
The  uncreated , unborn,  light of  awareness  is what  I  am.

That is  the basis  substratum,  andcontainer  of  all experiences.

Theworld, senses, body,  mind,  waking, dreaming,  sleeping,

knowledge,  lack of  knowledge,  consciousness, 

unconsciousness– whatever  can  be framed  as  some  

kind  of experience—these  are  allappearances  in  this  

changeless  reality of  my  being. 

I  am prior  to  those things  and  yet  Icontain  them  all.

No  experience is  separate  and apart  from  what I  am.

Is it  not  the message  of  the  Upanishads?
Allof  us should  cognize  this within  ourselves  by   ourselves
so that we can be krutArthas.
 Withrespectful namaskars,SreenivasaMurthy.

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