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                           The essence of upanishads is to know the nature's Consciousness at a subconscious level.   Taittriya  upanishad explains the five fold Kosha's of subtle level layers, i.e Annamayya, Pranamaya, manomaya, Vijnanamaya & anandamaya. There are the physical, vital, mental, intellectual and casual layers of human individuality. Mandukaya reveals the Jagrat, sapna, sushpti, turiya i.e waking, dreaming, dreamless, and pure conciousness states of individuals. 
Brahman itself is conciousness reflecting deeply on the nature of human & Transcdental conciousness ,as the aitreya  says 'ATMAN' is the only reality and it reveals that how the human body is one of the best instruments to know the prime manifestation of 'atman' which can clearly explains the concept of 'Who Am I".
To understand this in details, I have one example to tell the fact that how the Guru Principle acts in karmic land- India & how he takes care of his disciples.
Every one know the founder of the Transcdental meditation technique and started many centres across the globe who is non otherthann the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, born as Mahesh Prasad Varma as per allahabad university records. He started his path in search of Brahman by working as a personal Assistant (PA) to Kasi Shankaracharya Brahmananda Saraswati. He used to serve him like a servant in all aspects, used to take care of his letters, reading & answering them and maintaining the daily routine, tours, all other activities. 
On one day before he goes to sleep by perfectly finishing his daily duties of PA to Kasi Shankaracharya, He though in his subtle mind that " Why this Guru (Brahmmananda Saraswati) is not telling me the seed of the Mantra & Being the non-brahmin is the only disqualification which i have. Neither I have fond of his money or his fame and he thought that can't this guru can bestow the mantra to lead the brahman path".
An ideal disciple's thoughts should be like this apart from the dwijas birth pride and these thoughts were well read by that 'Guru'. Then that ' Guru' went  in to the  Mahesh Prasad Varma's sukshma  sarira and tested his capability to hold the mantra without any wested interests and there by initiating him into the path of Shakti Sadhana by bestowing the Mantra which not only made him as "Maharishi Mahesh Yogi" to the Universe and helped many humans across the globe to know their self.
Whenever this type of Shaktipath happens, It will happen automatically in  fraction of microseconds in this Karmic land for which no vahaka/medium is required, being 'GURU' is the Principle. To be a part of this, one should be self-inclined, motivated without the self-interest and rest will be taken care by the 'Guru Mandala'.
The essential requirements of the Seeker is the enquiry within in the mind & body. The disciple is to strive for the pure state of conciousness  by peeling out  the inner layer s of darkness towards reaching the 'Brahman' and not by the intellectual grasping of the knowledge.
Source: Times, speaking tree, Author: Pranva Khullar

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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