[Advaita-l] Is the eternity and apaurusheyatva of Vedas a me

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Tue Jun 11 02:28:18 EDT 2019

The formulation in terms of words and language of the discovered truth could be pourusheyam, while the knowledge embedded is apourusheyam.  Many may disagree with my last statement and that is fine

praNAms Sri Sada prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Yes, as you know the traditional belief is that not only tattva embedded in veda is apaurusheya but also the ‘tattva pratipAdaka’ words, sentences (each and every word ‘as it is’ with intonations (swara-s) are apaurusheya.  Hence nobody dares to change / modify  the words / sentences of veda-s thence there is so much importance on oral tradition.  Even if the  paramArtha ‘tattva’ is untouched and kept intact by changing the words and sentences it is not at all considered to be veda-s. kanchi paramAchArya talks about it and on dharma shAstra as well in Hindu dharma (the Vedas) and clarified how he is not an authority to change the injunctions / practice of dharma which most of the people think obsolete and need amendments as per modern day social environment.   Though there is some changes in veda mantra especially in khila mantra-s  in the name of ‘pAtha bedha over all, in general it is maintained ‘as it is’ in tradition.

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