[Advaita-l] A beautiful story is told about a great mystic, Nagarjuna

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praNAms Sri Raghav Kumar prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Oh that’s really some information.  Thanks for sharing with me prabhuji.  

Infact I did some basic course on sudarshana kriya, (Art of Living - Sri Ravishankar).  Enjoyed it and continued couple of years doing every day with follow up courses during weekends.  But due to some reason I stopped it long back.  Yes, considering my present state of mind, the most garrulous persons like me could hardly survive a day or two is someone asking me to sit still ....so better not to try it and go after gold bowl with all diamonds studded to it 😊  housing loan, kids education, samsara samArambha etc. always keep mind engaged in materialistic pursuits.  saMsaara ghOra gahana Jagadeesha Raksha the only prayer that we can offer to that Almighty.   

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

Namaste Bhaskarji
You could perhaps do the 10 day silent Vipassana meditation course in Bangalore etc., where there is 9 hours or more of meditation everyday.
Several people run away on day 2 or 3 of the course!

Such a course will *totally* clarify the matter otherwise we will only intellectualize it!

The AnA-pAna sati (Pali for their breath observation based method) does give a sort of vairagya because, the method they follow is to allow the arising and falling away (upejjetvA nirujyanti) of various thoughts and emotions and most importantly vedana-s (bodily sensations). And the meditator is asked to maintain sammA satI (Pali for samyak smRti) which is, to be equipoised without aversion (dveSha) or attachment (rAga) to whatever comes up. So in that sense it does strengthen vairAgya (vi-rAgasya bhAvah).
They have an elaborate theory whereby all other pains and pleasures and vixepas are 'reductionistically' analyzed by looking at the corresponding bodily vedana-s which arise concomittantly and then one is tasked to be objective towards them through the breath observation and body-scan methods they prescribe. (The method includes not only breath observation but also body-scan methods including special focus on the spinal cord - indicative of yoga sUtra influences. )

If a vedAntin tries it, he may find it quite nice actually, although then he may find that it will be a case of 'necchannapi nidhidhyAsanam Eva bhavati' for him.


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