[Advaita-l] Clarification regarding Nitya and Naimittika Karma

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Wed Jun 12 12:50:59 EDT 2019

Sudhanshuji, you may want to check out an earlier thread on this subject in
this list.


I have also heard from shrautis that the seven havir yajnas are nitya -
havir yajnas include nirUDha-pashubandha which is an animal sacrifice.


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> Hari Om,
> It is evident from the prasthantrayi bhashya that some of the vaidika karma
> do require animal killing. However, I wanted to know as to whether there is
> any evidence in form of Shastra or Bhashya vakya which enjoins animal
> killing in Nitya or Naimittika Karma.
> I am aware of Manu Smriti 5.35 regarding animal killing in ShrAddha which
> is Naimittika Karma.
> Aparte from this, if the learned members are aware of other ShAstra or
> BhAshya VAkya which enjoins animal killing in Nitya or Naimittika karma,
> then please share.
> Regards,
> Sudhanshu.
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