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Wed Jun 12 14:05:15 EDT 2019

In this page, on Advaita, the following is found:


//The *Bhamati*School owes its name to Vacaspati Miśra’s (ninth century)
commentary on Śaṅkara's *Brahma Sūtra**Bhāṣya*, while the *Vivarana* School
is named after Prakashatman’s (tenth century) commentary on Padmapāda’s
*Pancapadika*, which itself is a commentary on Śaṅkara's commentary on
the *Brahma
Sūtra*. The prominent names in the later Advaita tradition are Prakāsātman
(tenth century), Vimuktātman (tenth century), Sarvajñātman (tenth century),
Śrī Harṣa (twelfth century), Citsukha (twelfth century), ānandagiri
(thirteenth century), Amalānandā (thirteenth century), Vidyāraņya
(fourteenth century), Śaṅkarānandā (fourteenth century), Sadānandā
(fifteenth century), Prakāṣānanda (sixteenth century), Nṛsiṁhāśrama
(sixteenth century), Madhusūdhana Sarasvati (seventeenth century),
Dharmarāja Advarindra (seventeenth century), Appaya Dīkśita (seventeenth
century), Sadaśiva Brahmendra (eighteenth century), Candraśekhara Bhārati
(twentieth century), and Sacchidānandendra Saraswati (twentieth century).
*Vivarana*, which is a commentary on Padmapāda’s *Panchapadika*, written by
Vacaspati Mshra is a landmark work in the tradition. The
*Khandanakhandakhadya* of Śrī Harṣa, *Tattvapradipika* of Citsukha,
*Pañcadasi* of Vidyāraņya, *Vedāntasāra* of Sadānandā, *Advaitasiddhi* of
Madhusadana Sarasvati, and *Vedāntaparibhasa* of Dharmarāja Advarindra are
some of the landmark works representing later Advaita tradition. Throughout
the eigteenth century and until the twenty-first century, there are many
saints and philosophers whose tradition is rooted prima...//

What is somewhat amusing is:

Sacchidānandendra Saraswati (twentieth century) is stated to belong to the
vivarana tradition :-)

Candraśekhara Bhārati (twentieth century) is stated to be an adherent of
vivarana school, for which I do not know any support in the tradition.

 Appaya Dīkśita (seventeenth century) is said to be in the vivarana school
while he is also famous for writing the Parimala on Amalananda's Kalpataru
on the Bhamati.

And after correctly stating Prakashatman as the author of the Panchapadika
vivarana, and Vachaspati Misra as the author of Bhamati, the above para
later says:  //*Vivarana*, which is a commentary on Padmapāda’s
*Panchapadika*, written by Vacaspati Mshra is a landmark work in the

Members may give their opinion on the above.

warm regards

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