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Dear Members,                             The main purpose of gaining the knowledge is to shed the darkness to lead the brahman path  and get rid of fear with integrity. Swami Vivekananda insist everyone to not only gain the knowledge but it should in built grace & love in the hearts. Knowledge is the outcome of the information & its assimilation results in wisdom. 
Wisdom only can make anybody to differentiate between the  religion & Dharma.  A greece philosopher says no visible information can make a ordinary man learned/educated unless awakening happens in him. Wisdom can't be purchased but it has to be assimilated when we logically analyse  the given information and use it to resolve practical problems. 
Chandgoya Upanishad clearly mentions that a person master in all aspects of the knowledge may not be wise. His avidya may act as a draw back in him so that his sukhsma  buddhi will not work at the required time. 
Wisdom can make any one in knowing right from wrong ad avoid un-necessary debates which results in arguments without any purpose. Rabindranath Tagore emphasises that realisation of unity was possible due to wisdom and awakens the ability to live the life of Soul. It leads to harmonious development which illumines heart .
Geeta also insists the enlightened can act without attachment  and wisdomist  does not create disturbance in the beliefs of the ignorant which makes all peaceful living life. 
Learned members, pls contribute your views.Source: Times, speaking Tree, Author: Ashok Vohra
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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