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                       Sri Maha Vishnu explains to Garud about the the people’s Janana Karma’s and importance of the about the last rites of person when he leaves his physical body. There was a notion in the system 'Garuda Puranam' has to be read in those days after the death or during shraddha times. Ever one speaks like this, I don't know whether there is a pramana for this or not, but I fell it can be read any time to know the life after death. What happens to the soul/atma after leaving the physical body, how it travels, where it goes? What it does? how Individual Karma makes again to take the birth and all these things are nicely explained in 'Garuda Puranam'.

According to Garuda Purana:
                                             The man who, having obtained this highest birth and superior senses, does not understand what benefits the soul is a slayer of Brahman.Without a body, nobody obtains the object of human life; therefore should he guard his body as wealth and perform meritorious deeds. One should always guard his body, which is the means to everything. Living, he should make every effort to protect it, in view of welfare. i.e even to get Liberation
A village again, a field again, wealth again, a house again, good and evil actions again--the body never again. One who, expecting to die, leaving his home, dwells at a sacred bathing-place, or dies in a place of liberation, he verily attains liberation. Ayodhya, Mathura, Gayâ, Kasi, Kanchi, Avantika, Dwaravati, these seven cities should be known as the givers of liberation.
Karma which has been made, whether good or evil, must inevitably be suffered. Karma not suffered does not fade away even in tens of millions of ages. The relatives turn away with averted faces leaving the dead body on the ground, like a lump of wood or earth, but righteousness goes with him. The wealth disappears from the house, and the relatives from the cremation-ground. The good and evil karma he has made goes with him. When his body has been destroyed by fire his karma remains and wherever he is the man experiences it, be it good or bad. Nobody has a relation in this changing ocean of sorrow. He is born by the attraction of karma, and goes again upon its exhaustion. Like creatures in a water-tank, and like the motion or sticks in a river is one's contact with mother, father, son, brother, wife and the others. Whose are the sons, and the grandsons? Whose is the wife, or the wealth? In the world of change nobody belongs to anybody. Therefore one should make gifts himself.

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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