[Advaita-l] Partlessness of Brahman and Maya

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> Namaste Bhaskar ji,
> As I said, it is not certain whether it is one and the same
> gauDapAdAchArya. The author of the sAnkhya kArika bhAShya has clearly
> commented it from the perspective of sAnkhya. However, that in itself does
> not rule out the same person authoring two works from different darshana-s,
> and doing so in a fairly objective and impartial manner. In fact, that is a
> mark of the quality of a scholar - when they are arguing from one
> darshana's position, they do so without prejudice and do full justice to
> the system under consideration.
> For example, vAcaspati miSra wrote tattvakaumudi from the perspective of
> sAnkhya, bhAmati from the perspective of advaita, tattva vaiSAradi from the
> perspective of yoga, nyAya sUcI nibandha and nyAya vArttika tAtparya TIkA
> from the perspective of nyAya, in addition to nyAyakaNikA and tattvabindu
> from the perspective of pUrva mImAmsa. It is unsurprising therefore that he
> was conferred the epithet, sarvatantra svatantra. Normally that means a
> thorough knowledge of all systems, but in his case, that name was quite
> appropriate from another perspective too. On reading his works, it appears
> that every tantra is his own.

In this vein we can mention Sri Appayya Dikshitar too, who has written
works on other shaastras. Also, he has summarized the four schools,
Advaita, Shivavishishtadvaita, Vishishtadvaita of Ramanuja and Dvaita of
Madhva in four different works based on the Brahma sutras, each from the
perspective of that school only.

warm regards

> Coming back to gauDapAda, personally I feel that (and this is just based on
> a "feeling", not anything objective) the author of the sAnkhya kArika
> bhAShya is different from the author of the mANDUkya kArika. The economy of
> expression and the profundity of thoughts in the mANDUkya kArika is somehow
> missing in the sAnkhya kArika bhAShya.
> Kind regards,
> Venkatraghavan

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