[Advaita-l] Partlessness of Brahman and Maya

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> Agreed Subbuji, I was thinking of Sri Appayya Dikshitar in this regard too.

Also, Bhagavatpada's work/s on Yoga sutras are also a case in point.

BTW if there is any reference to Guadapadacharya's work on Sankhya karika
in Vachaspati Misra's work, even by a remote alluding, we may give credence
to the popular belief.  Also, there is an 'uttara gita bhashya' attributed
to Gaudapadacharya. This book is available in archive.org.

warm regards

> Kind regards,
> Venkatraghavan
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>>> Namaste Bhaskar ji,
>>> As I said, it is not certain whether it is one and the same
>>> gauDapAdAchArya. The author of the sAnkhya kArika bhAShya has clearly
>>> commented it from the perspective of sAnkhya. However, that in itself
>>> does
>>> not rule out the same person authoring two works from different
>>> darshana-s,
>>> and doing so in a fairly objective and impartial manner. In fact, that
>>> is a
>>> mark of the quality of a scholar - when they are arguing from one
>>> darshana's position, they do so without prejudice and do full justice to
>>> the system under consideration.
>>> For example, vAcaspati miSra wrote tattvakaumudi from the perspective of
>>> sAnkhya, bhAmati from the perspective of advaita, tattva vaiSAradi from
>>> the
>>> perspective of yoga, nyAya sUcI nibandha and nyAya vArttika tAtparya TIkA
>>> from the perspective of nyAya, in addition to nyAyakaNikA and tattvabindu
>>> from the perspective of pUrva mImAmsa. It is unsurprising therefore that
>>> he
>>> was conferred the epithet, sarvatantra svatantra. Normally that means a
>>> thorough knowledge of all systems, but in his case, that name was quite
>>> appropriate from another perspective too. On reading his works, it
>>> appears
>>> that every tantra is his own.
>> In this vein we can mention Sri Appayya Dikshitar too, who has written
>> works on other shaastras. Also, he has summarized the four schools,
>> Advaita, Shivavishishtadvaita, Vishishtadvaita of Ramanuja and Dvaita of
>> Madhva in four different works based on the Brahma sutras, each from the
>> perspective of that school only.
>> warm regards
>> subbu
>>> Coming back to gauDapAda, personally I feel that (and this is just based
>>> on
>>> a "feeling", not anything objective) the author of the sAnkhya kArika
>>> bhAShya is different from the author of the mANDUkya kArika. The economy
>>> of
>>> expression and the profundity of thoughts in the mANDUkya kArika is
>>> somehow
>>> missing in the sAnkhya kArika bhAShya.
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Venkatraghavan

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