[Advaita-l] The term 'pariNAma' means 'vivarta' for Shankara

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> V Subramanian ji,
> If you know clay, you know all products of clay. But if you know sand, do
> you get to know about mirage-water?

If you know sand, you know that the apparent water has no existence apart
from the sand surface. Even in the clay example, the pinda, clod, is first
to be determined to be non-different from its material clay. From then, all
other products of clay are known to be non-different from clay.

> There is no samshlesha between mirage-water and sand. There is samshlesha
> between pot and clay. How is sarva-vijnAna possible in vidvarta - that is
> my precise problem.

In vivarta too sarva vijnana is possible. The Acharya says in the Mandukya
7th mantra bhashya: प्रतीयमानसर्पदण्डभूच्छिद्रादिव्यतिरिक्ता यथा रज्जुः,
तथा ‘तत्त्वमसि’ इत्यादिवाक्यार्थः   Just as the apprehended snake, stick,
crack-in-the-ground, etc. are known to be only the rope which is distinct
from them...the Turiya is distinct from the waking, dream and sleep
states.  Here the three states are akin to the various superimpositions on
the rope. Infinite they are....


> Sudhanshu.

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