[Advaita-l] Need Sri Shiv "Om Namah Shivaya" yantra

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Thanks for the clarification Venkataraman Sriram-Jim.


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> Mantras fall under 3 categories viz., siddha, ruNa, ari. If the sadhaka
> wants to get initiated, his guru inspects the mantra sthAna in horoscope of
> sadhaka.  If mantra balam is there, he will prepare a chakra with the help
> of sadhaka's name and mantra bijas. If the mantra falls in siddha chakra
> category, then it implies that it is benefic in nature and can be initiated
> without inhibitions. It is a safe mantra that would never misfire and yield
> misfortune. If the mantra falls in ruNa category, it implies that the
> mantra was chanted by the person in previous birth and there is
> devata-ruNa-anubandha. Hence, can be initiated on an auspicious day. If the
> mantra falls in 3rd category ie., ari (enemy), then it implies that that
> particular mantra is malefic in nature and would cause harm to upasaka.
> So, there are a few mantras prescribed in mantra shastra that are 'siddha'
> and panchakshari is on among them
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