[Advaita-l] No Parinama in Brahman says Shankara Bhagavatpada

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Fri Jun 28 02:36:44 EDT 2019

Namaste Venkatji

On Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 11:21 AM Venkatraghavan S <agnimile at gmail.com>

>> Sudhanshuji will have a problem with this too since the question in his
>> mind, as I see, is that who is that someone who sees the snake? In the
>> exemplified it has to be brahman as nothing else exists and then he will
>> question as to this imagination is also a change!
> Isn't the pramAta also an aupAdhika entity and mithyA?
The way I see it is that the entity is not aupAdhika as the only entity
there is is brahman; its pramAtRtva is mithyA. This is superimposed from
the kAryaprapancha which doesn't exist from pAramArthika. It is not only
not a pramAtR, but not even a sAkShi, as there is no sAkShya.

> So nothing other than Brahman really exists, and that which really exists
> does not undergo change?
Undoubtedly so.

> The problem of change is only possible in vyavahAra. When there is no
> vyavahAra in paramArtha what is the need to explain change there?
I am not explaining change, but I am showing the difficulty of the
pUrvapakShI. If it is said to be an imagination, he will ask whose
imagination? If you say of the imagined pramAtA in vyavahAra, he will ask
who imagined the pramAtA and the vyavahAra. It is endless questioning.
Therefore, from paramArtha, everything else is not mithyA, there is nothing
else; its tucCha, which alone is a resolution. Then some will ask as to how
is vyavahAra possible then? Its not. That is why a jnAnI's experience is
that he is now free but he was always free, never bound.


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