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Dear Friends,                        Here is a brief life account of avadhoota baba Trailanga swami. He was born in a village nearer to vijayanagaram ofandhrapradesh in the year 1607 andsupposed to be lived for ~ 280 years. He came from a landlord family and moreattached to her mother. There is mut where he lived in beneras for many yearsnearer to bindu madhava temple. He used to float on ganges and roam in nudemost of the time. Once he was locked by beneras police and kept inside, laterit was found that he was sitting on the roof the police station. He visitedmany places kailash manasasarovara, Nepal pasupatinath temple and practicedthe azagar vrat. He used to consume deadly poisons from the trees without anyevil effects in his body of 300 pounds. Often he used to walk on the burningghats of beneras just like walking in the garden. It is believed that he metchiranjeevi’s like dattatreya, parashurama, vyasa & aswattama. Baba Trialinga swami predicted his day of demise well inadvance and met priests of beneras and requested them to be kept in a woodenbox followed by ‘Jala Samadhi’ by his disciples. The box along with the coverwhere he seated in ‘padmasana’ posture was not shrinked in the ganges floatedon water for some distance and huge beam of divine light came from the box and wentin the upward direction. Thousands of people are witnessed his miracles andpassing of the divine light into the sky in the year 1881 which is published in Beneras district Gazette.                 One ofthe story tells that he joked once to the daughter of the Nepal king at the pasupathinath templewill you marry me? and requested the garland of flowers in her hand. Later shefound the same garland was decorated in the temple of pasupathi nath and boththe people became his disciples afterwards. Although there are no much details regarding his works likeothers, however he met saints Ramakirshna paramahansa, Lahiri mahaseya,vasudevananda saraswati and pandit gopinath kaviraj.  Sriguru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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