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> Namaste
> One person in the video is arguing we can say Sa Atma Tat Tvam Asi and we
> can also say Sa Atma Atat Tvam Asi because of Sanskrit Sandhi rules. True.
> If we use Sandhi rules we can say Atat Tvam Asi. But what happens now? Atat
> Tvam Asi is like saying Anatma Tvam Asi because he said Sa Atma and Atat
> here means Not Atma. Anatma only.

That is wrong understanding of vyakaraNa. The negation "A-kaara" in that
statement is not that for tat pada, but it is the negation of identity
between tat and tvam.

> What is Anatma? It is Deha and other Jada Vastu only.

All philosophers are
> trying to tell us You are not the body. Don't think narrowly like you are
> only the body and become attached. You are not Jada Vastu. You are a Soul.
> But Madhva is telling  us You are the body only. Nice teaching. Moreover
> this is also same as Charvaka philosophy. They also say You are the body.
> Enjoy life and good food and drink and embraces of women by taking loan if
> you have no money to enjoy. Runam Krutva Ghrutam Pibet. The more I read on
> Dvaita I think it is Charvaka philosophy in disguise.

That is because you do not know vyakaraNa shAstra.


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