[Advaita-l] 8 names of Lord Shiva equal to reciting the whole Shiva Sahasranama

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Mar 6 00:23:00 EST 2019



Cognition  of  that  Changeless  Principle  who  exists 
 even  before  the  thinking  or    uttering  of  the  names  of  Lord  Shiva 
 and  who  illumines  the  very  thinking  and  uttering  of  the  names  
 by  the  reciter  of  the  names  will  bestow  upon  the  thinker / reciter  
 amRutatva  /  moksha.  This  is   for  sure  and  certain.


True....but we must not forget that people have different IQ & intelligence levels and
grasping power vary from person to person. 

bahiryAga leads to antaryAga...and the the 'devotee' in us should not be 
ignored in the pursuit of knowledge. 

karma becomes mukhya and jnAna as gauNa initially and later
jnAna becomes mukhya and karma as gauNa.  At the end,
karma merges in jnAna and only jnAna remains...


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