[Advaita-l] What If Time Is an Illusion?

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I must say this is some what BS. 
The fact that there is no time and space during the deep sleep state - indicates that both space and time are figments of the mind. When the mind is folded - there is no time and space.
Scientifically, time is a gap between two sequential events - as measured by an independent observer (who is obviously a conscious entity). and space is a gap between two simultaneous observations - again observed by a conscious entity.
For observation, the mind is required.
For the mind to function, consciousness has to be behind. Hence if there is no consciousness present neither time nor space exists. Consciousness is not plural but singular. Kshetrajnam chaapi maam viddhi sarva kshetreshu bhaarata. 
Hence when the mind is not there or folded, one can not have the notion of time and space; even though the 'one' we are referring to is a conscious entity.
If there only one event - No time also. One loses the time concept when one's mind is deeply involved in one event - say reading an interesting novel. 
Important is the observer is needed to see the flow of time. That is consciousness becomes the platform on which time and space move around. 
Light and the light of consciousness are somewhat related. One cannot see the light. One can only see the reflected light. In the same way, one cannot 'see' consciousness - only reflected consciousness. From the reflected light one can cognitively recognize the light - In the same way only via reflected consciousness, one can recognize the original light of consciousness. 
tasy bhaasaa sarvam idam vibhaati.

My 2c.
Hari Om!Sadananda


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