[Advaita-l] Maha Soma Yaga conducted by Shri Dendukuri Anjaneya Wajpayee

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Greetings Members,

It is with the grace of Ishwara that a Maha Agnisthoma Yaga is going to be
conducted by Brahmashri Dendukuri Anjaneya Wajpayee. The Yaga is going to
be conducted over 16 days. Vedas clearly speak of the Punya Phala of
conducting Yagas. The smrithis elaborate on how even the smallest
contributor is blessed with Punya Phala. The Yaga needs contribution, and
although we as people of Sanatana Dharma speak at length about protecting
the Dharma, it is rarely we can bring ourselves to do our bit for such
Vaidika Sampradaya. Therefore, I sincerely ask you all to kindly contribute
as much as possible: Yathaichcha Yatha Shakti for the Soma Yaga. The Yaga
is blessed by both over Acharyal Sampradaya! It is facing a lot of monetary
problems. Kindly let us all be part of this Yagna.

Contact: Dendukuri Anjaneya Wajpayee
Number: +91 9391356456 - WhatsApp | +91 8125223123

Please contact him for further details.


MB Subramanian.

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