[Advaita-l] What If Time Is an Illusion?

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  Bhaskarji - PraNAms
What is there in the sushupti - is akhanda aakaara ajnanaa vRitti only - VRitti is any modification of the mind. Hence the vijnaana maya kosha is folded in the sense there is no objective knowledge (idam vRitti) and here there is subject truth (aham vRitti). Both are absent. Folded state is a modification of the mind only - hence a vRitti term.
muula avidya is there all the time until one realizes. All other objective knowledge involves subject-object duality. In the deep sleep state - the Chemistry professor does not know any Chemistry nor a physics professor does not know physics, in the deep sleep state. 
Hence Mandukaya defines the deep sleep state as  - na kinchana kaamam kaamayata - no desire for any objects. aham vRitti arises with idam vRitti.  Both are absent. 
Time is objective knowledge requiring a subject knower - that is what Einstein statement that observer is needed for space and time.
Hence - sushupti can be defined as akhandaakaara ajnaana vRitit - since aakaara implies objective knowledge. 
Chandramouliji is asking about the term 'akhandaakaara ajnaana vRitti' - I am not sure where I heard that - but is relevant in the sushupti. 
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Perhaps Sri Sada prabhuji referring to the kArANAvidyA (mUlAvidyA) in sushupti in the form of akhandAkAra ajnAna vrutti.
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