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Sri Rama Jayam. Sri Gurubhyo namah.

With the anugraham of Sri Sharadamba and Sri Chandramoulishwara and with
the blessings of our Sringeri Jagadgurus Sri. Mahasannidhanam Swamigal and
Sri. Sannidanam Swamigal, we humbly present the first *SHAD VEDANGA
PARICHAYA SAMMELANAM (Conference)* in *Sri Bharati Tirtha Patashala,
Sengottai*, Tamil Nadu on the *24th of March 2019*.

The conference is being headed by the world renowned vedic scholar and
former Principal of Madras Sanskrit College, *Mullaivasal Shri
Krishnamurthy Sastrigal*.

The endeavour is supported by the *South Zone Cultural Center, Tanjavoor,
Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India*.

I. What is this conference about?
*“Shadangam"* constitutes the 6 angas or "limbs" of the Vedas and are next
in importance to the Vedas themselves. They are among the basic texts of
Hinduism. The 6 angas are:
1. siksha - phoenetics - nose of the Vedapurusha
2. vyAkarana - grammar - mouth of the Vedapurusha
3. Nirukta - etymology/lexicon - ear of the Vedapurusha
4. kalpa - manual of rituals - hand of the Vedapurusha
5. chhandas - metre/prosody - foot of the Vedapurusha
6. jyotisha - astronomy/astrology - eye of the Vedapurusha

Besides these topics, an introduction to mimAnsa and dharmasastram will
also be provided.

II. What are the highlights of this conference?
1. This is the first time such a conference is being arranged in
Tirunelveli Dt in the recent past and certainly the first major conference
arranged in our patashala.
2. The conference will be live webcast and astikas can view it from
throughout the world using a link that will be sent shortly.
3. Vedic pundits from throughout India are expected to participate.

III. What is the purpose of the conference?
According to the inspiring words of Sri. Mahasannidhanam Swamigal,
shadangam is not being taught in most patashalas these days commonly as in
the older days. Under the instruction of Our Holiness Shri. Mahasannidhanam
Swamigal, FOR THE FIRST TIME, we are *re-introducing Shadangam education as
main stream ALONG WITH conventional vedic education (svashAkhai)* for all
*vidyarthis and acharyas* in our patashala. We hope to produce *Shadangam
experts* at the time of graduation of these vidyarthis. The conference
marks the beginning of this endeavor.

IV. When is the conference?
*March 24th 2019, Sunday*

V. How can we participate?
1. Kindly carve out time to view this conference live webcast. Timings and
URL will be provided in the next few days.
2. Kindly spread awareness amongst groups and vaideekas that such a
learning opportunity is available in Shri Bharati Tirtha Patashala,
Sengottai. Details below. www. sbtpatashala.org.
3. Kindly urge your family members to attend the conference.
4. Financial support for paying dakshina and travel expenses for the
Shadangam Acharya who will be visiting on a weekly basis to conduct
5. Financial support for annual seminars, dhakshina for shadangam experts,
travel allowance etc.

VI. What is the link for contributions?
i. *Donors in the US* can direct contributions to the Sanatana Dharma
Foundation (http://sdfglobal.org/index.php/donate-18). Donations are
tax-exempt. You can also issue checks payable to Sanatana Dharma Foundation
section. Please mail checks to Dr. Ram. N.Narayan, 4301, N 21 St, Unit 6,
Phoenix, AZ 86016.
ii. *Donors from India* can directly transfer to SENGOTTAI SRI SHARADAMBA
CHARITABLE TRUST. Axis bank Account number 918020020936817, IFSC -
UTIB0001374 (80-G tax exempt).

VII. How do I learn more about the conference?
Kindly contact Managing Trustee Sri. M Ramachandran; Phone number
+91-9840267321 for more details. Email: ramachandran.m at sbtveda.com. If
calling from within USA, please call Dr. Ram N.Narayanan at +1 903 328

Many thanks, Ram Ram.

Ramachandran M. Managing Trustee, SBT Vedapatashala, No.6/13, Amman
Sannidhi St, Sengottai, 627809.

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